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Health Care Consultants
Health Care Consultants (HCCs) are growing in number and in the diverse activities they are being asked to help healthcare organizations maneuver in the current, challenging landscape.  While not actively engaged in medical / patient diagnosis or direct delivery of health services, their activities have a definite impact on the administration and oversight of the medical care.

One of our partner markets has developed a new Professional Liability policy specifically for Health Care Consultants that:
Health Care Consultants
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  • includes contingent bodily injury coverage specific to the exposures and needs of this diverse group
  • customizes the definition of professional services based on the specific tasks performed
  • is flexible to cover a broad range of consultant activities
HCC services include
(but are not limited to): 
  • Advertising, marketing or selling of HCC services
  • Application or enrollment processing
  • Case Management / Disease Management
  • Credentialing or Peer Review
  • Compliance and management of patient care programs and protocols
  • Drafting practice or clinical guidelines and standards
  • Equipment / Supplies: recommendation, management and maintenance
  • Managing Third Party Payor Contracts
  • Loss Control / Risk Management including quality assurance or clinical improvement
  • Network Development, Physician Contracting
  • Regulatory / Compliance Consulting
  • Staff Scheduling
  • TPA Services and Consulting
  • Utilization Review
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