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If so, we want an opportunity to quote your next risk!  Eligible risks include: bars, restaurants, fraternal clubs, liquor / convenience stores, nightclubs, adult / gentleman's clubs, banquet halls, caterers / bartending services, wholesale distributors.

Highlights include:

  • Mono line Liquor Liability for establishments that sell or serve alcoholic beverages, offering protection for covered claims of negligent sale or service
  • Product is Non-Admitted
  • Hard-to-place bars and nightclubs eligible
  • Assault and Battery coverage and liability limits up to
    $1 million/$2 million
  • No sublimit on assault & battery except adult clubs only ($100,000/$300,000 sublimit)
  • No cap on alcohol sales
  • Defense costs outside the limit
  • Risks with security and major entertainment acceptable
  • Liquor license holder included as Additional Insured automatically
  • Coverage available for both licensed and unlicensed operations
Liquor Liability
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