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Gary A. Hollederer ASLI
President / Chief Operating Officer  Extension 228

January 17, 2017

2017 - Looking Forward

As I write this, Russell Bond & Co. is beginning its 67th year in business.  This would not have been possible without your support over the years and we Thank You!

What I learned during my 23 years with Russell Bond:
  • Success and trust do not come overnight.  Both must be earned, and once achieved, reinforced on a daily basis.

  • An organization cannot rest on its laurels.  It must continually look forward to provide innovative ways to help you meet your client’s needs.

With the future in mind, changes were made in 2016 that I believe put us in a position to more effectively provide the insurance experience you deserve:
  • We instituted a more refined team concept, with team leaders responsible for their group.

  • Hired new production brokers in 2016, and we look to hire more this year.  We have been fortunate to attract some excellent, experienced talent; some that we hired told us the reason they came to us was they looked at our culture and wanted to be a part of it.

Recognizing our work is never done, other changes are underway that will continue to improve the way we respond to you.

You may have noticed our tag line “A Wholesale Insurance Broker Unlike Any Other”. I believe we have a different message than other wholesaler brokers due to the unique make up of our organization.  We are an ESOP company. Under this structure, each employee owns part of the Company and understands that they “have skin in the game”.  As such, they work as a team with the goal of achieving a successful outcome and a satisfied client. I believe this is a benefit to you, because each employee is working for the success of their company as they help you to write business.

We recognize that price and quick turnaround is important, but we believe that just as important is delivering the right product to ensure that you and we meet your client’s needs.

Over the 67 years we have been in business, we are fortunate to have established many long-term relationships with numerous companies and markets. These relationships of mutual respect often allow us to secure terms and conditions that may not otherwise be available.

Thank you for our current relationship.  We look forward to strengthening those bonds and continue meeting your needs in 2017 and beyond!
Russell Bond & Co., Inc. CMGA

Gary Hollederer

Gary Hollederer
President / Chief Operating Officer
A Wholesale Insurance Broker Unlike Any Other TM
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