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Police Professional Liability
Conflicts between police officers and citizens are becoming all too common these days.  Turn on the TV, open a newspaper, go online and you will see another tragic story.  An unfortunate by-product of these events is the increase of lawsuits by criminals and suspects against our hard working law enforcement officials.  Awards are growing, with no end in sight.  And while many cases do not result in settlements or judgments, ALL CASES have to be defended.

Police Professional Liability provides liability coverage for police officers and police departments for acts, errors and omissions while performing their professional duties, including false arrest and civil rights violations.
Coverage Highlights:
Police Professional Liability
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  • Occurrence of Claims Made coverage (including full
    prior acts)
  • Defense Costs Outside the limit
  • Primary or Excess Coverage is available
  • Punitive Damages available where insurable
  • Personal Injury coverage includes civil rights violations
  • Moonlighting coverage available
  • Coverage for Mutual Assistance Agreements
Coverage is available for:
  • Municipal Police Departments
  • Housing Authorities
  • Sheriff's Offices
  • Transit Systems
  • Human Societies
  • Correctional Facilities
  • Public and Private Schools
  • Parks & Recreation
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