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Sexual Harassment
Sexual harassment is in the news.  Celebrities, politicians, athletes, public figures.  These are the high profile stories we hear and read about, but don't think it can't happen in your small town.  Any organization can fall victim to the allegations of Sexual Harassment, the risks of which include loss of reputation, reduced productivity, legal cost / awards / settlements.

If your clients or company have not already implemented solid risk management practices in the employment practices area, they need to!  Make certain they have strong anti-harassment policies in place.  Train everyone in the company on the do's and don'ts of all forms of harassment.  Establish a clear line of communication for employees to report harassment, making sure that allegations are promptly and completely investigated.  Lastly, if they haven't purchased Employment Practices Liability (EPL), it may be time to revisit the subject again.

Russell Bond has a team of specialists who are knowledgeable in EPL coverage, representing the leading carriers.  And we make it easy for you to get terms for your clients. 

Sexual Harassment
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