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Cyber Liability
Another day, another breach
On September 8th, one of the largest recorded Data Breaches was announced by Equifax.  The credit reporting agency advised they had identified a breach that impacted 140 million people; nearly half the population of the United States.  Compromised information included social security numbers, dates of birth, employment records, addresses and address history, etc.  Not to be outdone, Yahoo would later report that EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEIR USERS were impacted by a breach that occurred in 2013.  This breach exposed the personal information of 3 BILLION PEOPLE!

While large breaches like those which occurred to Equifax and Yahoo make the headlines, smaller breaches to smaller companies are more common.  In 2016, 43 percent of all breaches targeted small businesses. Perhaps more significant, of those breaches, 60 percent of the companies went out of business within 6 months of the attack!  Because we do not read about these smaller data breaches, many businesses are lulled into a false sense of security.

So, what can you do? Make a phone call to Russell Bond, to learn how together we can to help protect your clients and their livelihoods. We have several products that can help protect your clients.  Here are a few reasons why Cyber Liability protection is easier than ever to achieve.
  • Ease of doing business – We have the ability to quote off any competitors app.  No app? No problem.  We can often quote with information you already have in your files
  • Full Prior Acts Coverage
  • Low premiums!  In some cases, just $500 for $500,000 in coverage.
  • A Full suite of breach response professionals come with every policy. Larger companies have the means and manpower to have sophisticated IT Teams on staff, most small businesses do not.
  • Coverage for Cyber Crime (Fraudulent Instruction, Funds Transfer and Ransomware)
Cyber Liability
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