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Tenant Discrimination
Tenant Discrimination insurance provides protection for commercial and residential property managers and owners.  With discrimination claims becoming all too common, property managers and owners should have the proper coverage in place to protect them from expensive discrimination claims.

Program Highlights:

  • Coverage limits of $250,000, $500,000 and $1,000,000
  • Covers lawsuits and charges alleging discrimination based on race, color, religion, age, sex, pregnancy, national origin, sexual orientation, familial status, disability (including ADA violations)
  • Covers legal expenses, judgments and settlements
  • Covers the policyholder as well as the lawfully appointed directors, trustees, officers, partners, shareholders and employees of the policyholder
  • Coverage extends to HUD charges and state or local fair housing agency charges
  • Full prior acts coverage available on most risks
  • No charge to add locations mid-term
  • Insured has free-choice of counsel

Tenant Discrimination

Program Qualifications:

  • Minimum of 1 residential unit up to a maximum of 150 residential units
  • Must have written anti-discrimination policies and procedures in place for handling tenant complaints
  • No tenant discrimination claims / incidents within the past five years
  • Ineligible classes: Homeowners Associations, Hotels, Mobile Home Communities, Recreational Vehicle Communities, Government Agencies, Public Entities, Religious Organizations - we have other options for these classes!
  • Must comply with all mandatory postings as required by federal and state law
  • All covered properties must be accessible to the disabled in compliance with ADA regulations
Tenant Discrimination Claim Scenarios
Disabled Residents File Charges with HUD:  Five disabled residents of a Section 8 apartment complex filed charges with HUD alleging discrimination based on disability.  All five women claimed that they suffered verbal and physical harassment by the apartment complex staff and other tenants because of their disabilities.  The property owner reached a settlement of all claims, which included several disability accommodations as well as sensitivity training for staff.  The property owner incurred $28,770 in legal expenses.

Differential Rent Charge Complaint:  A married couple with one infant son filed a complaint with a local Fair Housing Council (FHC) alleging familial status discrimination against a property manager after their rental application for a two-bedroom apartment was denied.  The couple alleged that the property manager refused to rent to them after learning that the couple had a child.  The FHC investigated the claim through testing; over the course of one month, the council sent investigators posing as married couples without children.  The FHC testing supported the claim and the FHC filed a lawsuit against the property manager on behalf of the couple alleging familial status discrimination.  The property manager incurred $160,515 in legal expenses.
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