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Is including coverage under a package the best solution? Maybe not!  In most situations, the broader coverage provided under a stand alone policy, as well as the claims handling from an insurer who specializes in these coverages, will more than justify the slight premium differential.  And claims from these coverages tend to be significant, which can impact both the account loss ratio and profit sharing in which you may be participating.
Public Officials Liability  
Decisions made by officials regarding business and building permits, zoning, employment practices and many seemingly unimportant everyday activities carry the potential of a devastating lawsuit.  Public Officials Liability protects public entities for claims against the entity, officials, employees and volunteers for wrongful acts committed in the performance of duties for the public entity.  Eligible accounts include:
  • City, borough, village, town, township and county governments
  • Special service districts such as authorities / utilities (water & sewer), housing, airport, port, transit, electric, gas, financing, economic / redevelopment / industrial development
Premiums start at $2,000.  Policy features include: Defense Outside the Limits, EPLI coverage included, Wrongful Acts definition includes civil rights violations, coverage available for back wages.
 - Citizens in PA brought suit against their county for inverse condemnation.  Plaintiffs alleged the county placed an asphalt road on their property without permission.
 - An employee of a township filed suit claiming race-based hostile work environment and discrimination.  Plaintiff alleged the school board systematically deprived him of work through a series of budget cuts which he claimed were racially motivated.
Police Professional Liability
The balance of rights between the lawbreaker and the law have, and continue to, change.  Courts have made it easier for criminals and suspects to bring suits against law enforcement.  While many cases do not result in settlements or judgments,  all have to be defended.  Police Professional Liability provides liability coverage for police officers and police departments, for acts, errors and omissions while performing the professional duties.  The policies cover allegations such as false arrest and civil rights violations.  Eligible accounts include:
  • City, borough, village, town and county governments
  • Special service districts such as housing, water / sewer and airport
Premiums start at $1,500.  Policy features include: Defense Outside the Limits, Claims Made or Occurrence, Wrongful Acts definition includes civil rights violation and Accidental Death in the Line of Duty Benefit included.
 - Plaintiff brought suit against a police officer and township department for excessive force.  Plaintiff alleged he was physically attacked after being handcuffed.
 - A police department was successfully sued for $500,000 in the wrongful death of a teenager.  An officer responded to a call of verbal threats being made to a local business owner.  After failing to comply with verbal commands and lunging at the officer, a tazer was used twice to stun the teenager.
Educators Legal Liability
Administering an educational institution has always been challenging.  Fueled by a litigious society, numerous laws and highly publicized settlements - students, parents, the government and fellow staff members are "dragging" even the best-run schools and well-intentioned educators into court.

Schools, board members, trustees, administrators and teachers must defend against everything, from their student admission policies to their employment practices.  Institutions can end up spending millions of dollars to defend a case against them.  Meanwhile, administrators, teachers and other educators may find themselves personally and financially liable for their alleged actions or inactions.  Educational institutions and educators that are unprotected can risk learning an expensive lesson.  Coverage available for public and private schools (K-12), colleges and universities.
Policy features include: EPLI coverage included, Wrongful Acts definition includes civil rights violations, optional coverage for expenses related to School Violent Crisis Management
 - A class action lawsuit was filed against a high school district alleging that female student athletes are being denied equal access to sports programs and facilities in violation of Title XI.
 - A substitute teacher sues over being fired for Facebook comments.  The lawsuit alleges the teacher was terminated
Although this coverage is frequently offered as part of a Package policy,
many times a Stand Alone policy offers broader coverage.
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