The Professional Unit at Russell Bond has over 80 years of experience finding solutions for you and your clients.  What can we do for you?  Provide you with access to the leading markets for your Management; Professional; Healthcare; Cyber; Financial Institutions; Municipalities, etc. needs.  We know you can access many markets direct; but the value that we bring includes items such as client visits; policy comparisons; unique products and services; coverage specific specialty endorsements etc.

We have access to over 90 markets.  Currently the fastest growing coverage is Privacy/Security; Professional and Directors & Officers Liability. In this area all products are not created equal, although and ISO GL policy will be the same between most markets.  The coverage?s handled in this unit are not all the same.  A D&O policy with a standard market may not be as broad as a product we have.  At times brokers / insured?s believe that all forms are created equal and that is not the case especially as respects Privacy / Security coverage.  Our expertise allows us to provide the best solutions for your clients.