Excess Workers Compensation

Larger corporations and municipalities may choose to self-insure their workers compensation exposure.  They do this when they feel there is a great risk management program in place; however, no one can control everything and accidents will happen.  To protect against this a workers' compensation excess insurance policy is written to indemnify the self-insured employer for workers' compensation claims (and Employers' Liability claims) exceeding a designated dollar amount. The excess work comp insurance covers all work comp losses up to a specified cap, or it can be unlimited.

Risk Coverages For This Product

Employers Liab./ Self-Insureds (NY Muni only) :
Excess Workers Comp/ Self-Insureds :
Primary Workers Comp. :
Use ACORD 125, 130 Applications
Workers Comp.- Large Deductible :
Use ACORD 125, 130 Applications

Underwriters who can help with this product

Ed Chadwick


Malissa Smith


Tonya Hollederer