Access Funding, LLC, an affiliate of Russell Bond & Co., Inc., has a strategic partnership with a major insurance premium finance company.

Insurance Premium Financing is available to all retail insurance agencies.
Our program includes:

  • Competitive Terms & Rates - generally we offer 20% down payment and nine monthly installments. Other flexible terms also available.
  • Monthly Invoices to Insureds - no coupon books to "get lost or misplaced".
  • Toll free telephone inquiry - provides quick up-to-date information on any account.

And if the coverage is written with Russell Bond & Co., Inc. (RBCO),
additional benefits include:

  • Agents can deduct their commission from the insured's down payment
  • Both RBCO written and other coverages can be financed on the same contract

Telephone: (800) 333-7226       Fax: (800) 677-6779